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CREA TO PRINT is an artisan typography that makes it available to the e-commerce world. Thanks to offset-uv printing and the choice of the best plastic materials, we guarantee you brilliant colors, high definition printing, but at an advantageous price. Let’s create together and give shape to your ideas.

6 reasons to choose CREA TO PRINT

Hot stamping deluxe cards
Postcards and Invitations
PVC placemats
Personalized plates

We have chosen Offset-UV printing technology that has as its greatest strength that of obtaining an immediate polymerization of the inks, allowing shorter production times and low costs.

The choice of artisan producers, but above all Italian ones, allows us to follow step by step every step of processing to guarantee all our services – prepress, printing, packaging, shipping and technical assistance.

Thanks to an experience of over ten years in the industry, our service aims to enhance the exclusivity of the product. Graphic customization and assistance on multiple channels – email, chat, Skype and phone – will allow us to better meet your request.

The versatility of the supports we can offer is unlimited: plastic materials such as PVC (transparent, glossy, transparent satin, or white), PET, lenticular – 100% recyclable but which last a lifetime – and also special paper supports.

A transparent ticket is not easy to make like the traditional one. The color joints and the choice of typography are many and that’s why our team of graphic designers will follow you until you get a layout that satisfies you completely.
Come contattarci? Scegli tu quale sistema preferisci tra la email, il telefono, la nostra chat disponibile anche offline e il nostro canale Skype.

We distribute our products all over the world and ship within 10 working days of receipt of payment. The shipment is of the express type so that delivery can take place the day after the date of evasion. You will always be notified of the shipment because we will send you the tracking code.

Biglietti da visita trasparenti con fustella personalizzata, scritte in nero e blu su sfondo trasparente stampati su PVC lucido da 400 micron, li trovi da CREA TO PRINT.


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