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All our products are printed with UV OFFSET technology that allows you to obtain brilliant colors and an extraordinary printing definition thanks to the Heidelberg CD 74-5LX UV Speedmaster.The immediate UV inks and varnishes (CMYK color method) allows the product to be completely dried and ready for use for the subsequent processing phase; this allows an increase in productivity with more advantageous results for the customer, reducing costs and lowering production times. Another advantage of this printing technology is linked to the versatility of supports that can be used: plastic materials such as PVC (transparent, frosted transparent, or white), PET, lenticular and particular paper supports.

The UV inks immediately contact the chosen substrate acquiring a greater mechanical and chemical resistance than a conventional ink. As a result, we guarantee brightness of the colors or of the chromatic density thanks to the progressive absorption of the support. Our prints are made with the CMYK color method (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) or, for special requests, also by pantone color.

Last but not least advantage of this printing technology is to be attributed to the ecological-environmental aspect: in fact, this type of UV inks and varnishes do not contain solvents, resulting better in terms of emissions of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere, to guarantee a recyclability. Finally, these materials are not flammable and after the polymerization they create an inert film on the support.


All the products of this line do not get unnoticed: reading the contents of the print and being able to see through the businesscard itself will ensure that the product hits the attention and distinguishes itself from the others.

This type of PVC gives an opaque effect to the businesscard or to any other product, and is rough to the touch. The print can vary from less defined colors that also remain semi-transparent, to those on a white background that stand out strongly and giving a greater visibility to the most important content.

A material that conveys solidity and strength, the radiant colors make it impactful and almost indestructible over time.

Precious papers that guarantee great versatility in their use: different weights give consistency while the different colors give an elegant and unique look.

Our customer service is at your disposal and on multiple channels such as Skype, email, telephone and is ready to help you choose the right colors suitable for printed on plastic materials and find them by CREA TO PRINT.


For business cards and all other products, the corners can be rounded with a radius of 3 mm. If necessary, other types of radius or shape can still be set by selecting the appropriate customized die cut option.

To choose when you want to obtain an optimal mix between the opaque effect that you have to the touch given by a refined cardboard and the brightness and brilliance that only hot printing can offer.
Perfectly defined contours are possible and gives personality to your business card.

It allows to create a relief deforming the material and giving life to a new shape through the combined action of pressure and heat. To achieve this, the sheet must be compressed between a cantilevered punch, a male clichè and a cantilevered punch, a female cliche, also called a countermatrix.
The reliefs can be of two types: Embossing when a heightening is imposed, or debossing when a depression is impressed on the surface of the material.

It is a cutting method used to reproduce a certain shape and can be applied to cut plastics, paper or cardboard depending on the die chosen by the customer,. We make sure there are no technical impediments due the specificity of the shape.

Our prints are made using the CMYK color method, but above all with white ink. In the case of special requests you will have the possibility to choose also a pantone color. Transparent products yes, but with white ink!

Gives certain elements on paper products an unique glossy and shiny look.
You can choose between a soft transparent varnish or put the colorful logo on spotlight.

Biglietti da visita trasparenti con fustella personalizzata, scritte in nero e blu su sfondo trasparente stampati su PVC lucido da 400 micron, li trovi da CREA TO PRINT.


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